Meet Richard Joy, our Sales Agent at Greenhills.

We sat down with Richard recently and asked him what he loves about Greenhills, the buying and building process, and how our residents are settling into their new homes.

First, tell us a little about yourself
I have been in real estate for over 15 years, and in various sales and management roles prior to that. Since working in property, I have mainly focussed on land sales in the hills & southern regions of South Australia. 

Before my time at Connekt, I was the Sales Manager for South Australia’s largest freshwater waterfront development.  This project consisted of over 1100 allotments and I was doing this for over 10 years. Over that time I built excellent relationship with many of SA’s leading builders, and have assisted many purchasers as they navigate the land acquisition and building process!

What is it that you love about Greenhills
Greenhills is a really special land project. Not only does it have an incredible history as a much-loved adventure park (which most people of my generation will remember), but it’s also set amongst the most incredible natural landscape. It’s really, really beautiful.

With only 70 homes once completed, plus 5 hectares of open space for residents, Greenhills offers so much more than a block of land. And that’s rare to see in developments these days. Unlike a lot of projects, Greenhills have really valued that open space, and put a lot of thought and care into how that space is used.

Sporting areas have been constructed at the rear of the estate, with permanent football goals, soccer goals and a basketball backboard to use. There is an also an area for four-square and hopscotch – we really want to kids to love and make use of these spaces. Fresh air and room to explore is so important for the younger generation.

There are so many places to roam, exercise or relax. Secluded and protected from the harsh Victor winds, Greenhills offers paths for cycling, walking or running, a creek to explore, grassed areas for picnics and play, all surrounded by old gum trees inhabited by local wildlife.

Who is buying at Greenhills?
We’re seeing owner occupiers buy and build at Greenhills. Mostly young families (or couples who are planning for a family one day) and some downsizers. Many have grown up in Victor, or work locally. And some have decided to move away from suburban Adelaide in pursuit of a tree-change.

2020 (with all it’s craziness) has seen many families seeking a new home. Maybe their work situation has changed and they can work from home now, which means a home office is required. Or families have realised the need 2 living areas, or a bigger backyard. Whatever the reason, we have seen many families decide to make Greenhills home in the last few months, which has left us with only one available allotment in Stage 2!

What’s next for Greenhills?
We have just released Stage 3! 20 brand new allotments of various sizes are now available, and we’re pleased to be able to present these to the market. There are some really stunning blocks available, and I’d invite people to explore our LAND FOR SALE page to learn more.

How can people get in touch?
Just give me a call on 0439 504 440 or email to learn more. People are always welcome to visit Greenhills and drive around – but if you visit, make sure you get out of the car and explore the rest of the estate by foot. You’ll never look back!

Greenhills is located on Waggon Road at Victor Harbor. Take a drive and explore Greenhills today.