Greenhills Victor Harbor has been a well known location and much loved name in South Australia for 35 years. Its past life as an adventure park attracted outgoing tourists and locals alike, as a space to play, relax and create your own adventures with family and friends. Today, a new opportunity for adventure is waiting.

A key goal of Greenhills is the promotion of a design philosophy built on the following:

– Excellence in home and community design and presentation
– Innovation in dwelling and land product for stylish, contemporary living
– Providing a broad range of land sizes to suit various budgets and home styles
– Sensitive environmental management and sustainability initiatives
– Responsible management of stormwater and water resources
– Architecturally designed open spaces that will enhance the development year round
– Creating a pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood

The vision for Greenhills is to be a relaxed and idyllic community, with seamless connectivity between private and public spaces. At the very heart of this vision is the neighbourhood park and lake – a place where families can gather, relax and play. Building here also offers the freedom of architectural and design expression that will bring its own reward.

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