Living near Victor Harbor’s pristine waters offers a lifestyle for all seasons. During the summer, it’s jumping with activity and energy and colour and the chance to go for a walk and meet new people – and just play. During the spring, you can take the car to nearby Port Elliot for a drive and enjoy the splendid sunrise in this pristine environment. During Autumn you can make the coast a part of your exercise routine, walking (or cycling) every morning along the shores will start you out on the right foot and remind you to savour all the moments of your day. The sea takes on a special kind of personality in winter, so we highly recommend rugging-up and heading to shore to contemplate it as the sun sets – and take plenty of photographs. Seaside living offers so much, and often contradictory things; relaxing and energising, rejuvenating and exhausting, inspiring and satisfying, to say the least.

Living seaside also offers a list of healing properties sometimes overlooked. Ever wonder why it feels so good to breathe in the ocean air? Scientists have discovered that ocean air has more negative ions in it than city air – and that taking a few deep breaths of it may improve your health. A higher intake of negative ions is thought to have a positive effect on moods – and likely other physical health benefits as well.







And as for the many beneficial components of the water – including calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium – dipping your toes in the ocean will help you calm the mind, heal wounds, improve skin conditions and even help to reduce pain.

At Greenhills you will not only find a vibrant new master-planned community in an enviable location, but a place to call home with some serious health and wellness benefits. Once a weekend getaway destination, it has now become a popular location for South Australians to call home.

Less than an hour’s drive from Adelaide, just 5 kilometres from Victor Harbor town Centre and bounded by the beautiful Hindmarsh River, this represents a sea change without having to compromise on access to cafes, restaurants and shops as well as great beaches, golf courses or the city itself.